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Aristo Home Services: The Perfect Solution for Your Second Home

Who’s checking on your home when you’re not there? There are so many things that can go wrong with an unoccupied home in South Florida, issues which can quickly escalate to serious problems in a short time if undetected. Aristo is there to take care of your home even when you’re not there.

Seniors and retirees love Aristo too, even if they are permanent Florida residents. Aristo offers a full array of residential services like handyman jobs, painting, pool cleaning, pressure spraying, light carpentry, and electrical work.

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The Ideal Solution for Your Second Home

Anyone who has owned real estate in South Florida knows just how quickly things can go bad with an unoccupied property. Vandalism, roof failures, internal plumbing issues, insects, vermin, or air conditioning failures can cause expensive and stressful issues for homes that are not being supervised regularly.

Aristo specializes in supporting second-home owners in Palm Beach County. Our employees are fully vetted, bonded and insured for your safety and peace-of-mind. Aristo clients not only enjoy peace-of-mind knowing their homes are being looked after regularly, they also have easy access to a full suite of residential services when they need them.

Here’s How It Works

Retirees and Seniors Love Aristo

Managing a home and keeping up with maintenance can be difficult for seniors and annoying for active retirees. You didn’t work hard your whole life so you could spend your golden years managing contractors and vendors. Besides, it becomes even more difficult and stressful as we get up in years.

Our professional team will become like your family, performing regular checks on your home, whether you’re there or not, and helping you navigate through the inevitable issues that come along with home ownership. We love our senior clients, and we treat them like family, going out of our way to make sure their homes stay in good shape and that contractors aren’t taking advantage of them.

Let’s Help You Get Started Today

The first step to gaining peace of mind is to schedule an introductory visit. During this check, we will go over the program, conduct a check of your house, and answer any questions you have about the program. There is no charge, no pressure, and no obligation.