Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Services

How much does it cost to have your pool cleaned?
How often do you need your pool cleaned?
What is included in pool service?

General Questions

Do you travel as far south as Boca Raton to do home checks, handyman services, pool service?

Home Check

Should I give a key and/or security code to my neighbor just in case?
What are the most significant risks facing an unoccupied home in Florida?
What damage can a roof or window leak cause to an unoccupied home?
What damage can a plumbing issue cause to an unoccupied home?
What damage can rodents or insects cause to an unoccupied home?

Storm Support

Do you close storm shutters for your members when storms are coming?
After a storm, will you open up my home again so my storm shutters aren’t closed for a long period of time?
My home doesn’t have storm shutters or hurricane resistant windows. Does Aristo board up homes prior to a hurricane and remove them afterwards?

Cleaning Services

Does Aristo also do windows?
Can Aristo get stains out of carpets?

Schedule Your First Home Check from Aristo

The first step to gaining peace of mind through an Aristo membership is to schedule an introductory visit. During this check, we will go over the program, conduct a check of your house, and answer any questions you have about the program.