Home Check Services in Palm Beach County

Let Aristo Make Sure Your Home is OK When You’re Not There

So many devastating things can happen to a vacant home. If leaks, vandalism, infestations, or air conditioning issues come up, it is extremely important that they are discovered immediately to avoid costly and stressful situations.

With Aristo, you will feel confident in the condition of your South Florida Home, even when you are not there. With a regular home check by a trained professional, you can rest assured that your Palm Beach home is being looked after. If an issue develops, it can be addressed quickly before the damage escalates.

Three Biggest Reasons Why You Need A Home Watch Program

1. Keep a Close Eye on Your Property

Don’t wait until your next trip to Florida to discover an unexplained stain on your carpet, broken lamp shade, or missing art pieces. When your home is damaged, or experienced unauthorized entry from people you know, you’ll want to discover it as soon as possible. You’ll also want help in reporting the incident to authorities and having pictures to show your insurance company.

2. Avoid Significant Damage

The salt air, humidity, and storms here in South Florida can be tough on homes, with leaks or minor damage appearing seemingly overnight. What starts as a minor roof issue or a leaking toilet can quickly turn into devastating and expensive issues in a home. That’s why it is important to stay on top of your home’s condition, and to have someone keep guard when you’re not there.

3. Stop Insects & Pests

Florida is a tropical paradise, but unfortunately there is a dark side to that. Insects and rodents are a serious issue, and an unattended home become infested quickly. With regular home checks, we can find and address any pest issues before it gets out of hand.

Components of an Aristo Home Check

During a regular home check, our team will conduct a well-planned inspection of your home and property, documenting any issues with images sent to you. If any damage or issues are discovered, they will make a report and follow up with some recommended solutions for you to consider.

Here are some examples of things Aristo home check professionals look for and/or perform when checking your home:


  • Remove notices, door-hangers, newspapers, phone books and debris from around your house
  • Check doors & windows for vandalism, damage, or signs of leaking
  • General landscaping inspection (weeds, needed pruning)
  • Visual inspection of pool (Pool service an additional service)
  • Check outdoor home surfaces for signs of vermin, insects, staining, or mold
  • Check outdoor plumbing for leaks
  • Note/replace burned out security light bulbs
  • Inspect screen enclosed patio screens and doors for damage/tampering


  • Check Alarm system – reset if necessary
  • Observe HVAC performance
    • Note home’s temperature
    • Listen to unit running, note any unusual sounds
    • Check/change air filter
    • Flush pan drain (as needed)
  • Check all doors/windows are locked, lights and ceiling fans are off
  • Check sinks, drains, showers, and tubs for evidence of leaking
  • Check for signs of rodent or insect infestation
  • Check for signs of mold, new smells
  • Flush toilets, run faucets, check for leaking
  • Refrigerator – Check temperature settings, make sure icemaker is not leaking
  • Garbage disposal – Operate, run water, check for leaks
  • Smoke Detectors – replace batteries as needed
  • Security lights/timers – replace bulbs
  • Water Softener -salt level
  • Clothes Washer – check for leaks
  • Water indoor plants


  • Take pictures to document home’s condition
  • Communicate with homeowner

Optional Services

  • Bring in mail
  • Starting and running car
  • Sweeping outdoor entrance areas
  • Bringing in/taking out garbage/recycle bins
  • Gathering fallen limbs/palm frond for pickup
  • Changing batteries in home’s remotes (garage door, tv, lights/fans)
  • Other services as arranged

Become an Aristo client and be confident that your investment is being cared for.

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